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Annabel Lee in Classic or Rock

I’ve posted on Edgar Allan Poe’s poem Annabel Lee previously at Writely Applied so you know it has a history in our family. I only wish that my mom who brought me up on classic poetry and literature had internet access because it is as much fun as hours in a library filled to the ceilings with books. Browsing YouTube is just as fun and here are some renditions of the Poe classic poem, Annabel Lee. Don’t forget to read along at The Literature Network link below.

I love this YouTube by user l2suis. It ends a bit abruptly at the end but the pictures are wonderful and the reader’s voice eloquent.

I couldn’t leave it be though and searched a few others. I found these two posted by YouTube user ghesseg. Same tune really but one is the classic version and the second is a rock version.

Classic Version performed by the Jerusalem Academy of Music Chamber Choir conducted by Stanley Sperber live at Mishkenot Sha’ananim in 2007.

Rock Version

And just because the visuals were nice…

Missing your copy of the Complete Works of Edgar Allan Poe?
The Literature Network

Poe’s The Raven in Art and Animation

I mentioned Edgar Allan Poe in a post on animated poetry during the 2008 Beijing Olympics. I thought wouldn’t it be nice. Well I found something really cool at YouTube. One of those things that make you wonder if the author had been alive to see a reinterpretation of his work what would he think. I think Poe would have thought everything was really cool about this piece.

It is a musical rendition of Poe’s The Raven done by The Alan Parsons Project from their album, Tales of Mistery and Imagination, Edgar Allan Poe. It features the art illusions of Rob Gonsalves, he has a new fan. With special recognition to YouTube user Nesil here is The Raven.

Missing your copy of the Complete Works of Edgar Allan Poe?
The Literature Network

3D Chinese Painting and Calligraphy

Another great YouTube. I have to say I did have a lot of fun selecting these before vacation. I was very disappointed that I had some posting issues and will continue sharing…even though I’m itching to do some other topics. I’m honoring the creativity inspired by China, in China and for China…anything Chinese, until the close of the Olympics. I will be referring to these posts in other topics so we must share them.

Again I have to say, wish I had time to get involved in creativity like this. The closest I may get is Donna Dewberry. What is the closest you get to other creative endeavors outside of writing?