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Inspiration by the Gipsy Kings

I needed some inspiration and this popped up on YouTube. I think I missed a local Gipsy Kings concert recently so it was a nice find.

Celebrate the German Tango

Reading trivial facts on each day’s history is a past time of mine. I’m always on the hunt for something writely applied. Who knew that I would find something wrongly applied. On this date in 1913, Kaiser Wilhelm banned the armed forces from dancing the tango. Huh? Kaiser must have been worried about the Germans converting to the philosophy of making love instead of war. I couldn’t help but seek out a German Tango to entertain us with.

Edgar Allan Poe Tell-Tale Heart with James Mason

Here is an incredible piece of animation from 1953 of Edgar Allan Poe’s short story The Tell-Tale Heart. This UPA Production was the first adult only carton in Great Britain under the British Board of Film Censors classification system. I couldn’t tell you why really. I guess scary deserves an X rating. » Read more..

Phenomenal Woman

Maya Angelou wrote a poem called Phenomenal Woman which Amy Sky set to music. It is a beautiful poem and I thought it would be nice to share for Mother’s Day. I didn’t know it was set to music and was amazed at how beautiful the poem was after being rendered to music. I like it when lyrics are poetry and when poetry is lyrics. It is a truly gifted person that can do both and Maya’s poem Phenomenal Woman is lyrical. » Read more..

The Simpsons The Raven

Well it referenced in one of yesterday’s linked posts, the mention of The Simpsons, certainly a part of pop culture. So I couldn’t let the moment slip away to not find and share The Simpsons version of The Raven from one of those great Halloween episodes they put on every year….have we reached twenty years yet, I think we may have. I’m not certain I can picture any other “cartoon” that has made it this far and that has become such an ingrained part of our culture. I’ve been married as long as that show has been on TV.

This is the audio of the episode with the poem “Raven” in Simpsons posted by LifesLaban at YouTube.

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