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The Good News

It has been a busy day and for fun I had to rush and check out the Writer’s Digest forum to see which five stories were chosen as finalists in Contest Prompt #14. Sorry to say, I checked out the Writer’s Digest forum and my short story from their prompt is not posted to be voted on.

And my response…well at least I tried. I can add this to my short list of rejections. There is nothing more inspiring than a pile of rejections and I’m well on my way with my first rejection of sorts in a very long time.

Sure I have my blog(s) and other such writing bits when I gather the strength but in my land of fiction, my land of print dreams, I have made the first step.


I entered the Writer’s Digest Prompt Contest #14. They wanted 750 words and I gave them 750 words exactly. Was my story good? I may think so but of course I’m realistic. It is my first bit of fiction in a long time.

I have to give a huge thank you to Rose at Writing Today. She popped over and was very encouraging. As busy as I’ve been I thought I wouldn’t do it but then I remembered that I wasn’t the only one struggling with keeping on track with my writing. Since I read the prompt and immediately shared it with you, a story was brewing in my head. It was written in my head before I hit the pillow the other night and then I just had to throw the words down on paper.

And I did.

Writer’s Digest Prompt Contest 14

Having been out of actively practicing my dream of writing, I’ve let magazine subscriptions lapse to some of my favorites that used to keep me up to date on numerous topics including contests and the like. I made sure to pick up the October edition of Writer’s Digest and found that they run a short story contest where you are given a prompt and write 750 words from it.

Contest #14 is in progress now and needs to be submitted by Friday, October 10th. You can enter by e-mailing to yourstorycontest@fwpubs.com or submitting online at writersdigest.com/yourstory where you must be registered to vote in mid-October. Writer’s Digest selects the top five for voter consideration at their online forum (forum.writersdigest.com).

The prompt: “A man receives a package with no return address. It contains a pirate-style eye patch and a note.”

I’m thinking of doing it. This sounds fun.