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Animated Poetry

This is a result of a YouTube poster visualizing a poem. On some days I wish I could create art like this but words are easier. On visualizing a poem I think I could do that. I know as an author of poems it is easy to visualize ones I write. I enjoy reading and visualizing the works of others as well.

One of my favorites is Eugene Field’s Poems of Childhood. Maybe because even if the references in his poems are dated it brings me back to childhood. My mom read the poems to me and I was so happy when she gave me her special edition copy. Another favorite is Edgar Allen Poe. It would be great fun to take one of his poems and create a work like the following.


All the birds have flown up and gone
A lonely cloud floats leisurely by.
We never tire of looking at each other
Only the mountain and I.

- Li Bai, Chinese poet of the Tang Dynasty