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Speak Your Mind


is the one place
where people can speak their
original human mind.
It is the outlet for people
to say in public
what is known in private.

Allen Ginsberg

A Poetry Review

You don’t necessarily need to be able to talk poetry or write poetry, you can read it and read about it. Here is a little link love for two of my favorite poetry sites at Today.

A Poet’s View, the Poetic Musings of Joanne Olivieri is a new poetry that I’ve been enjoying and I encourage you to visit for a variety of topics.

Visit Ariana’s A Poet’s Word for additional poetry topics. She’s re-awakening the art of poetry and always has a create a poem feature. The current topic is Thanksgiving. I participated in the first create a poem community project and it was a blast.

What are some of your favorite poetry sites? Please share.


Poets are Damned…
but See with the Eyes of Angels.

Allen Ginsberg
June 3, 1926 – April 5, 1997