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Edgar Allan Poe Encore

It is October when we celebrate fall, celebrate Halloween and with that said, have an opportunity to celebrate the works of Edgar Allan Poe. We’ll work on a writely applied October post marathon of all things Edgar Allan Poe.

To start here is a visual five minute biography on the life of Edgar Allan Poe.

October Edition of Writely Applied Begins Here

Good Morning! I know we’ve had a bit of a pause here at Writely Applied but I do hope I’ve been bookmarked and that we can gather together again every day, a few times a day, or just your favorite day of the week.

I hope to make it hard for you to decide which day of the week you will visit and perhaps you will feel the urge to wake up to greet the day here and find the time to check in before you turn in for the evening.

I will be adventuresome as I enter into the month of October. Writely Applied wants to have moments for reflection or meditation if you will, a break here and there throughout the day for this and that, some things related to writing, some things just to inspire. We’ll flush it out as the weeks go by and hopefully before we close out the year Writely Applied will come into its own…after much work and contemplation. What can I say; we can have no blog before its time. Now it is time.

Visit us later today.