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Upton Sinclair Born

Another investigative journalist like Nellie Bly, Upton Sinclair was another to expose injustice. He was born on this day in 1878.

I aimed at the public’s heart, and by accident I hit it in the stomach.

Upton Sinclair, on his novel, “The Jungle” (1906)

One Novel’s Power to Change a Nation – Upton Sinclair’s The Jungle: Conflict and Compromise

Considering Creativity

“For some of us, the highest form of play, as well as work, is creativity. The best gift is a creative idea to play with.”

…from God, Help Me Create by Claire W. Chapter 1 intro, Considering Creativity

I had originally set out to write another blog, my first on writing. But I wanted more. Maybe it was what was becoming the mundane of writing articles and using keywords. Not rocket science but when you’re a writer you strive for relevancy if not proper sentence structure.

Somewhere in my excitement of finding work as a freelance writer, I immediately lost the part of me that wanted to be a published writer, someone who wanted to write fiction, write for kids, and write creatively. And yes, I have so many creative ideas to play with.

Yes what I do now is fulfilling and creative, but in the midst of embracing a new found career that would keep me home with my children and save me from a commute to the office in the future, I kept telling myself that I had more work to do. If I could accomplish so much in so little time in my journey to becoming a writer, why would I not apply myself to what my heart cries out to do? Why?

If I eek out time in my life to make a living, can I not eek out a bit of time each day to make a dream…come true?

Can you?

A Writely Applied Welcome

Pencils, I want to talk about the aesthetic value of pencils. Pencils are clearly the understated tool of the writing trade. Sure we have pens, word processors and computers, but where would we have been without pencils.

Working with a pencil should be a requirement of every writer. It is a metaphor of who we are. We are filled with something creative, as a pencil is filled with lead. We must sharpen our skills regularly so that we are never dull and may dig deep to find the right words, words that come forth to satisfy the reader as the pencil does to paper.

Writely Applied is a vision inspired by the incredible journalist, Nellie Bly who said “Energy rightly applied and directed will accomplish anything.”

The vision is about writing…any writing, all writing and no writing in particular. It is a vision of writer’s resources. Not just for journalists, bloggers, novelists or poets. It is a library, a stationary shop, a café with WiFi. It is wherever you are when you are writing, thinking about writing or reading about writing. It is you if you want to be a writer.

Writely Applied is our place to be refreshed, inspired and motivated. It is a creative place for creative people. There is no sign on the door that says only writers need apply. It is open to everyone. I promise no drudgery over grammar and spelling and who made the NY Times Bestseller List…well, unless you want to of course. There are no special qualifications at Writely Applied except a desire to write or be creative.

We’ll share creative tools, learn about authors and creative people and hopefully do some writing together. Variety is the spice of life and if you and I were introduced at BigShoes, then you know I hardly write about shoes on any day over there. Writely Applied will be the same. Diverse.

So, you want to be a writer? What do you want to accomplish with your writing? Are you ready to become Writely Applied?