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This is China

Here is some inspiration. Setting aside cultural differences and a government we don’t see eye to eye with, when you break something down to the most basic things in life, the people and the land; it is hard not to be inspired.

Early this summer I fell in love with China working on a tea project. I think it is one of the most incredibly beautiful places on the face of the earth. There are so many tea regions producing a variety of tea, picked by generations of Chinese people.

I could feel the morning air as I read about the mornings that the tea pickers climbed the mountainsides to collect certain teas at just the right time. I could smell them preparing the teas at various stages. I could feel China in so many photos I viewed.

Where are you when you write? Are you at a desk in front of a PC? Or are you living your words.

A Writely Applied Vacation

This is the start of my vacation. My intent is to make it a creative one. I won’t over pack because over packing tends to lead me to indecision over what to do. So I’ll bring a book, Marlow’s paper, a notebook and many pens, since I seem to lose many pens constantly.

I’m considering bringing my children stories that I have hard copies of to type into our laptop but it may require too much work to find them. So I guess if I write everyday that will be something anyway.

Will you write each and every day? Do you have one of my pens?

Anyone Social Moonlighting

While setting myself up at LiveJournal, I also took the opportunity to set up a Writely Applied community there. That would be after I actually figured out how to post there, and figured out where my posts were going. I’m still a bit confused but will continue to work on the progress since it seems like a productive place when you get the hang of it. I love the way you can read everybody’s post one after the other as if it were one big blog.

I’ll try to post updates between there and Gather so that anyone using either of these resources can feel free to start a creative activity, post a story, give an update on your creativity status…whatever your hearts desire.

I’ll be honest and say I really wasn’t into all this social networking until recently for other projects. I’ve changed my whole outlook on the process and have to confess that I’m enjoying meeting all the people I meet. You know the people that otherwise would not like to meet you in a café because more than likely both of you would have children hanging off of you while you were trying to get work done, or they don’t want to change out of their pajamas for the afternoon. Problem solved. I don’t care what you wear while writing…just don’t share.

Meanwhile, we’ve been accepted at BlogCatalog and are ready to roll. I need friends in the neighborhood people….pick me! Pick me!

Well, we’ll all get the hang of it. I figure now’s a good time before vacation to get these things in order so after vacation my worries will be minimal…writing posts that keep you all happy, etc.

So what are your favorite places? Where will we be seeing each other when we leave Writely Applied? Does all this social networking seem like a second job sometime? With all that being said, does becoming an author published in print sound all that hard now?