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There is only a week left of autumn. While winter isn’t officially over until late December, seasons know not the days on a calendar. We’ve had our first snow and I’m sure many others have seen a few more days of snow. I’m holding on for a few more glimpses of fall though.

As I woke in time to greet the sun and contemplated my last week of November with Christmas fast approaching I thought I better slow down. With that said I slowly got up and started to write. Like autumn, I know not the days on the calendar. So I’ve filled my Sunday morning with thoughts of writing ahead for the next few weeks and feel I have successfully ended my drought of words. Hopefully I’ll more to say on that tomorrow or then I would not be as successful as I thought.

Happy Sunday. Here is Autumn from YouTube.

Thanksgiving Approaches

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays. Besides family fun and a helping of tradition, it is the bridge to winter and the Christmas holiday.

What stands out in the way of art and literature to you when you think of Thanksgiving, autumn or fall? Let’s pretend it isn’t the food for one moment. I know you’re stuck on the apple or pumpkin pie, maybe with a slice of cheddar cheese or topped with whipped cream respectively.

Consider what speaks to you in the sentiment of Thanksgiving and share, a song, a poem, a story or novel. Perhaps a great person or moment in history stands out as a special remembrance of people and times in our history to be thankful for.

I thank you for sharing.


Fall is one of my favorite times of year. I love the start of school and from September, the slow progression through November. One of my favorite holidays is Thanksgiving, the final celebration dressed in browns, oranges, and yellows. Fall is full of scents and sounds. The smell and crunch of the leaves are as distinct as the sounds of winter; fallen snow and its own sound of gentle footsteps when it is soft.

A new blogger at Today, Mommagreenfish, has written a wonderful post called Finding the joy in November. I share her sentiment. November, another month where there is change in nature and in us as we prepare for a new season.

What joy do you find in November?