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Edgar Allan Poe A Dream Within a Dream

Here is a short movie by Ralf Kleemann featuring a poetic reading of Edgar Allan Poe’s A Dream Within a Dream.

Edgar Allan Poe Humor

I thought I would find something humorous to share regarding Edgar Allan Poe. Here is a writely applied video that won four awards after being featured in over 20 national film festivals. The premise is Edgar Allan Poe has to audition for his own TV show. Hmmm, seems like that was always the amount of respect he got.

Here is independent film maker Jose Alejandro Acosta’s Edgar Allan Poe’s Tales of Mystery

Humpty Dumpty by Edgar Allan Poe

This is writely applied Edgar Allan Poe inspired fun. A poetic rendering of Humpty Dumpty to the rhyme of The Raven. Short and sweet…or bitter sweet?

Edgar Allan Poe Encore

It is October when we celebrate fall, celebrate Halloween and with that said, have an opportunity to celebrate the works of Edgar Allan Poe. We’ll work on a writely applied October post marathon of all things Edgar Allan Poe.

To start here is a visual five minute biography on the life of Edgar Allan Poe.

Edgar Allan Poe The Sleeper

I’m late for my June 2009 celebratory Edgar Allan Post so I will close out the month of June with his poem, The Sleeper. » Read more..