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Ferdinand Porsche

If one does not fail at times, then one has not challenged himself.

Ferdinand Porsche
September 3, 1875 to January 30, 1951

Austrian automotive engineer and honorary Doctor of Engineering.

A rightly applied creative individual who, believe it or not, is credited for creating the first hybrid gasoline-electric vehicle. He was actually credited with many firsts.

I couldn’t find the sports car of my dreams, so I built it myself.

Poe Bicentennial Begins

This weekend is the official start of the Edgar Allan Poe bicentennial in Baltimore Maryland, and if Poe isn’t on your mind, the presidential inauguration celebrations are. If you are one of the lucky to have tickets to any Poe Birthday events on Saturday, January 17th and/or Sunday January 18th, you’ll try your hardest not to miss this once in a lifetime celebration. On Saturday avoid City Hall as President Elect Obama passes through Baltimore Saturday at 4:30.

According to PoeBicentennial.com there are limited tickets available for this weekend but a second birthday celebration is scheduled for Saturday, January 31 and February 1, 2009.

I wish I was going to be there, but I’ll be happy for anyone who is and if you find us on the web, please share your experience with us.

Missing your copy of the Complete Works of Edgar Allan Poe?
The Literature Network

And Then Life Happened

Yes, I’ve been busy with life. I’ve watched my oldest start middle school, my youngest enter preschool…and my middle child will finish off her last year of preschool before Kindergarten. I’ve re-entered the workforce of sorts but only because it is rewarding and keeps me in tune with the creative community I love. Many of you are part of this community, the bloggers, writers and inspired creativity seekers.

What we seek may be different than what we will find. If you are on the same page as me then you realize that that is just life. And so life happens everyday. It is in our way, it is a part of us…it is what we maneuver around to get where we are going.

Where are you going with your writing? Is life an obsticle, a motivator, the inspiration that fills the page?

Waking the Lion

Sometimes imagination pounces; mostly it sleeps soundly in the corner, purring. 

~Leslie Grimutter

So when your imagination isn’t conjured up by tooth brushing, what do you do to get the creative juices flowing?

I hate it when a creative idea is tickling my brain. You know the one…at first you think you are nailing down the right word or phrase, a title perhaps…and in the next moment you’ve seen you’re work flash before you start to finish and wish you could write fast enough to complete a novel in 45 seconds instead of 45 days or months, before you lose one grain of throught.

It can seem very overwhelming and I have years of crimes to solve and children’s adventures to recount. Am I afraid of waking the lion?

The Creative Call

“I am imagination. I can see what the eyes cannot see. I can hear what the ears cannot hear. I can feel what the heart cannot feel.”

Peter Nivio Zarlenga
American Businessman, Founder of Blockbuster Videos

Do you think we can claim that? Can we be imagination? Do you think you see what others cannot see and hear what others cannot hear?

Being that person of imagination is nothing if we then do not create and share. While we are feeling what other hearts have not felt, can we make their heart feel as ours? Do you recognize this as a creative call?

So often I have found myself in one of those creative positions…the place without a pen and paper. I’m usually doing one of the following…resting, brushing my teeth, taking a shower or driving. Now sure they make all kinds of gadgets to help with this problem. It doesn’t matter; I may already own them all. But I still find that when I’m creative, I’m the most unprepared and have to get out of bed or consciously repeat my thought with a mouth full of toothpaste until I write it down or it is gone.

We are aware of our responsibility to create. We do hear a calling and we know it is not for ourselves alone.

Is there a call? When are you most creative? Do you always have a pen and paper…or a toothbrush?