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Mel Torme April Showers

I’ve posted less but thought of Writely Applied often. I’m not blogging much, but I’m writely applied in my work which requires creativity in its own right. I’ve spent a few moments smelling the roses, or really smelling the spring rain that may bring roses. The sound of rain is always appealing to me; I’m a lover of all things weather as each type of weather evokes some sort of feelings or memories. » Read more..

Edgar Allan Poe – Sonnet To Science

In honor of Italian scientist and senator for life, Rita Levi Montalcini, who celebrates her 100th birthday this Wednesday and claims to be sharp as ever, here is Edgar Allan Poe’s Sonnet – To Science. » Read more..

Edgar Allan Poe – Evening Star

I’m in the mood for a POEm, are you? Here is Edgar Allan Poe’s Evening Star from 1827 influenced by Thomas Moore’s “While Gazing on the Moon’s Light”.

» Read more..

Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss

I know it is late; we’ve had a busy snow day on the east coast so I’m just getting around to saying Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss. Aren’t they still celebrating on the west coast?

Dr. Seuss is the greatest. I can’t tell you how much he has inspired some of my fun rhymes…when you have an alligator stuck down the sink and a parrot that eats carrots in a story and it all rhymes who else could you dedicate a story to? The king of children’s rhyme, that’s who and that, would be Dr. Seuss. (I had nothing to do with the pig in the bowl…let your mind wander).

We’ve all learned from the writings of Dr. Seuss in one way or another. I remember many of the books, my one brother who came 24 years after me learned via Dr. Seuss video tapes that he loved. Is Dr. Seuss still relevant in learning how to read? If he wasn’t I don’t think we’d be celebrating this man who would be in the early hundreds if he were still alive today.

We are still finding new ways to learn with Dr. Seuss…Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!
Thank you for being so writely applied.

WritelyApplied BigShoes Celebration

It’s been a year for BigShoes this week. Wednesday marks the official date of BigShoes first post. In addition it is the nearly yearly anniversary of the Today network blogging program. HAPPY BIRTHDAY

I’m excited to blog with Today and even when I’m busy and lack time to post I enjoy planning what my next topic will be at BigShoes and WritelyApplied.

BigShoes is a blog for women from all walks of life. I’ll be honest though and say some topics may strike the fancy of even men. So if you are ever looking for a good rant or some observational content inspired by the news of the day BigShoes might be worth a look. I encourage you to visit BigShoes during the month of March for a BigShoes Birthday Bash.

BigShoes is not my only celebration this week. I am also celebrating the launch of my two new entertainment blogs at Today, TVScape and The Inside Soap. I hope you will tune in to either if you love TV or Soaps.