Edgar Allan Poe Today

I’m not the only one talking Edgar Allan Poe today. I’ve made my way around the blogosphere to see what great discussions are going on and I found a few places to travel to. It will take you less time than travelling up and down the east coast to visit Poe’s stomping grounds to search the internet for great writely applied content on Edgar Allan Poe.

And you can find all of his works online.

Missing your copy of the Complete Works of Edgar Allan Poe?
The Literature Network

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  1. roustan says:

    Thank you so much for plugging my blog site, Violette. Beams of light hath shown through my eyes and peered into your soul, and what I hath seen ith BEAUTIFUL. Gracias, mi amor.

  2. glequericac says:

    Hi, a little late but thank you for mentioning my short entry, thanks for the honor :)

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