Writely Applied Poe to Date

If you’re new to Writely Applied I can only imagine what you think about a monthly celebration of Edgar Allan Poe. You’ve probably got images of Vincent Price in black and white movies filled with macabre images of death, oh and let’s not forget Peter Lorre…the fuzzy black and less white movies, dark I know.

Poe, to me anyway, speaks of the struggling talented writer. Okay, maybe not struggling, as much as a writer of unrecognized talent, ironic that he was a critic in his own time. He was writely applied and I enjoy sharing his poetry and he has been referenced a few times in my posts in the similar way memories of reading his writings over the year flit through my heart.

Here are just a few of those memories. I hope to fill the month of January with more.

To The Lake

Annabel Lee

Growing Art

Animated Poetry

Missing your copy of the Complete Works of Edgar Allan Poe?
The Literature Network

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