Writely Applied Celebrates Edgar Allan Poe

Yesterday I was reminded during the Philadelphia Mummers Parade that January 19th is the 200th birthday of American writer Edgar Allan Poe. Being one of his stomping grounds of course means that Philadelphia, the City of Brotherly Love, will be celebrating Poe in one way or another. Actually it is a good bet that there will be celebrations all over the East coast in his honor this month. As my favorite author it is of course befitting that I will write as much as I can about him this month.

Why I might even have to actually crack open a few tombs of his short stories and essays in his honor. I’d be remiss not to.

How will you celebrate Poe’s 200th?

Missing your copy of the Complete Works of Edgar Allan Poe?
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  1. jodapoet says:

    Well thank you. I didn’t know it was his birthday. I’ll have to come up with some ideas. He is one of my favorite poets/writers.

  2. writelyapplied says:

    Great Jodapoet! I look forward to reading some more of your great posts.

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