Apply Your Writing

Found a few places for you to apply your writing today, both at Today.

Visit A Poets View where Joanne Olivieri is looking for submissions to her poetry and writing ezine called Ya’Sou! Ezine! that has been in publication since 2000. Currently it is an ezine exclusively. Not a writer or poet? She will consider art blogs as well.

If Joanne wasn’t busy enough with that she has a fun writing contest going on over at My City By The Bay …her everything San Francisco blog. Apply your skills at writing from a photo prompt and win a cool prize.

Trust me, if you’re a writely applied writer than you are busy and those are the only places you need to be in the coming days to apply yourself.


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  1. jodapoet says:

    Thank you my friend – you’re an angel.

  2. yanjiaren says:

    I love both Authors and am a regular fan of their writing and I am of yours too.

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