I entered the Writer’s Digest Prompt Contest #14. They wanted 750 words and I gave them 750 words exactly. Was my story good? I may think so but of course I’m realistic. It is my first bit of fiction in a long time.

I have to give a huge thank you to Rose at Writing Today. She popped over and was very encouraging. As busy as I’ve been I thought I wouldn’t do it but then I remembered that I wasn’t the only one struggling with keeping on track with my writing. Since I read the prompt and immediately shared it with you, a story was brewing in my head. It was written in my head before I hit the pillow the other night and then I just had to throw the words down on paper.

And I did.

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  1. shakespeare says:

    Hurray! Good for you! It’s the hardest thing in the world to send stuff off…and I understand the sort of sinking feeling, for no matter how much I get to my writing, it’s never as much as I wish.

    I am encouraged to keep going! Thanks!

  2. rosearcher says:

    Sorry I missed this, earlier. Well done! And you’re very welcome.

    Please keep writing!

    On Wednesday, I’ll start editing my NaNoWriMo novel. *shiver/dread* Wish me luck!

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