Write the Truth

Two quotes from Frank Herbert (author of Dune):

Something cannot emerge from nothing.


Truth suffers from too much analysis.

Have you ever heard the saying “write what you know” (yes like “do what you love” except the money doesn’t always follow)? It seems for Frank and many of us when we write honestly and write what we know writing is easy. Let me say that again EASY.

Sure we want the words just right and man it would be great if they always flowed from our brain to paper but sometimes we stare at the paper and wonder “where, what and why, etc.”

We have to remember we are the authors; we have the answers to our stories. So in the midst of creating our character outlines and making up our imaginary worlds (wink, wink) we have to remember that there is always a bit of truth to what we write…only the names have been changed.

So be honest, are you struggling trying to make it all up or are you writing the truth?

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  1. jodapoet says:

    It’s always a little bit of both. Truth + imagination = masterpiece.

  2. writelyapplied says:

    Exactly. At least with poetry masterpiece comes to one faster than writing a novel. LOL. That is why I love writing poetry. It is an easy form of self motivation.

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