Writer’s Digest Prompt Contest 14

Having been out of actively practicing my dream of writing, I’ve let magazine subscriptions lapse to some of my favorites that used to keep me up to date on numerous topics including contests and the like. I made sure to pick up the October edition of Writer’s Digest and found that they run a short story contest where you are given a prompt and write 750 words from it.

Contest #14 is in progress now and needs to be submitted by Friday, October 10th. You can enter by e-mailing to yourstorycontest@fwpubs.com or submitting online at writersdigest.com/yourstory where you must be registered to vote in mid-October. Writer’s Digest selects the top five for voter consideration at their online forum (forum.writersdigest.com).

The prompt: “A man receives a package with no return address. It contains a pirate-style eye patch and a note.”

I’m thinking of doing it. This sounds fun.

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  1. rosearcher says:

    Have you written the story, yet?

    One of my jobs at my writing group is to nudge, prod, and nag people who aren’t working on their writing to set some goals and keep going!

    So, since I’m writing a romance novella and can’t take part in this goal, let me get out my pom-poms and nudge, prod, and nag you. :) Will you let us know how it goes? A daily word count? Something?

  2. writelyapplied says:

    Well thanks for that. I need a nudge, you know I first read about it and have the start of it in my brain. Now I have to eek out some time tonight and tomorrow to create it. I’ll shoot for 1/3 to 1/2 tonight and give you follow up!

  3. rosearcher says:

    750 words done? Excellent!!!

    Well done! Very good luck on the contest. Or would it be, “Break a leg?” Or would that be, “Break a pencil?”

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