A Poetry Review

You don’t necessarily need to be able to talk poetry or write poetry, you can read it and read about it. Here is a little link love for two of my favorite poetry sites at Today.

A Poet’s View, the Poetic Musings of Joanne Olivieri is a new poetry that I’ve been enjoying and I encourage you to visit for a variety of topics.

Visit Ariana’s A Poet’s Word for additional poetry topics. She’s re-awakening the art of poetry and always has a create a poem feature. The current topic is Thanksgiving. I participated in the first create a poem community project and it was a blast.

What are some of your favorite poetry sites? Please share.

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  1. jodapoet says:

    Thanks so much for the love. I visit here daily and always enjoy the journey.

  2. writelyapplied says:

    Very welcome. Thanks for being writely applied over at A Poet’s View!

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