The Creative Call

“I am imagination. I can see what the eyes cannot see. I can hear what the ears cannot hear. I can feel what the heart cannot feel.”

Peter Nivio Zarlenga
American Businessman, Founder of Blockbuster Videos

Do you think we can claim that? Can we be imagination? Do you think you see what others cannot see and hear what others cannot hear?

Being that person of imagination is nothing if we then do not create and share. While we are feeling what other hearts have not felt, can we make their heart feel as ours? Do you recognize this as a creative call?

So often I have found myself in one of those creative positions…the place without a pen and paper. I’m usually doing one of the following…resting, brushing my teeth, taking a shower or driving. Now sure they make all kinds of gadgets to help with this problem. It doesn’t matter; I may already own them all. But I still find that when I’m creative, I’m the most unprepared and have to get out of bed or consciously repeat my thought with a mouth full of toothpaste until I write it down or it is gone.

We are aware of our responsibility to create. We do hear a calling and we know it is not for ourselves alone.

Is there a call? When are you most creative? Do you always have a pen and paper…or a toothbrush?

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  1. bill_finger says:

    I get my best ideas when I’m on the toilet.

  2. katieanne says:

    My best ideas come in those few seconds just as I’m falling asleep. Having sleep problems, chronic fatigue and two small children I’m afraid I have to let the ideas go and choose sleep over creativity.


  3. ravyn says:

    A lot of my best ideas come when I’m doing something mind-numbingly dull; one of my all-time favorite plot twists came to me while I was pulling weeds in my backyard.

    I’m not sure if we see or hear what others can’t, though I wouldn’t be surprised. I recently got into a discussion with an acquaintance on another board in which we discussed whether it’s weird or not to be both willing and able to go deep-character, to simulate and host another mindset for the purpose of fiction. Jury’s still out on the answer, though.

  4. shakespeare says:

    What separates writers and artists from others is that most people, when they encounter some setting, event, or idea, after a few moments recall only their emotional response to the event or place, not the details. In fact, most of us ignore details almost completely.

    I find smell and touch to be the most inspiring…a flower is beautiful, but I find its smell more compelling, as well as the feel of its petals.

    I long for my writing to reflect this…

  5. crsenter says:

    For me, it’s when I’m driving. Especially when we’re on a long drive. As I sit there watching the scenic miles go by, I come up with all kinds of writing ideas. The problem is that my kids have asked that I quit trying to write things down while manipulating a heavy machine. LOL

    Great post, honey.

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