Back From A Writely Applied Vacation

So I had to come back from vacation. I’m thrilled to be back and like I said before I left, I didn’t over pack and I’m glad I didn’t since I only got through a few chapters of my creative book.

I did very little recreational writing…that is what freelancers do instead of drugs, I mean when they are not writing for other people. The words were fluid but constantly interrupted by having to get up and catch a two year-old before she wandered off from the watchful eye of the older eleven year-old.

Would I consider it a creative vacation? Did I keep up my end of the bargain? You bet. I figure out of the two or three chapters I read and the two or three pages I actually wrote that I did more than I had accomplished in the past. It is something to celebrate about if I think about it. I actually wrote for myself, not a blog, not a keyword rich article, but for myself. Okay I did jot down some notes for you and Writely Applied. We are in this together.

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  1. crsenter says:

    You wrote for yourself. Whoo Hoo!!! That’s when the best writing comes out in a person. I’m so happy for you.
    I’ve been doing a lot of writing for myself lately, and I’ve been having a ball. :)

  2. katieanne says:

    Wow, color me so impressed …and envy! LOL I’m trying to get myself back into fiction writing but I feel so guilty because the time I’m using could be used on my client writing work. As for writing for myself during vacations, that’s kind of like planning to watch a full movie without interruption when the kids are still awake – I dream about it but it hasn’t happened yet! GO YOU!

  3. brandbla8 says:

    I am so glad you were able to get some me time and made it back safe and sound.

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