3D Chinese Painting and Calligraphy

Another great YouTube. I have to say I did have a lot of fun selecting these before vacation. I was very disappointed that I had some posting issues and will continue sharing…even though I’m itching to do some other topics. I’m honoring the creativity inspired by China, in China and for China…anything Chinese, until the close of the Olympics. I will be referring to these posts in other topics so we must share them.

Again I have to say, wish I had time to get involved in creativity like this. The closest I may get is Donna Dewberry. What is the closest you get to other creative endeavors outside of writing?

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  1. flit says:

    aside from writing, my creativity tends towards bursts of ~stuff~ … made kaleidoscopes for awhile… those were cool. Origami lasted about a year… oh, and I LOVE Crayola Model Magic … need to buy me some more o’ that!

  2. shakespeare says:

    You should seek out the silk embroidery…I once happened upon a huge display of it at UCLA. It is the most perfect artistry, the silk held taught, and the stitches like brush strokes, perfect on both sides of the fabric. Some were almost as accurate as photographs.

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