This is China

Here is some inspiration. Setting aside cultural differences and a government we don’t see eye to eye with, when you break something down to the most basic things in life, the people and the land; it is hard not to be inspired.

Early this summer I fell in love with China working on a tea project. I think it is one of the most incredibly beautiful places on the face of the earth. There are so many tea regions producing a variety of tea, picked by generations of Chinese people.

I could feel the morning air as I read about the mornings that the tea pickers climbed the mountainsides to collect certain teas at just the right time. I could smell them preparing the teas at various stages. I could feel China in so many photos I viewed.

Where are you when you write? Are you at a desk in front of a PC? Or are you living your words.

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  1. Jack says:

    Beautiful post and lovely video. As for me currently I am sitting at the PC but have high hopes that from the hours I spend sitting in the future I can afford to live out the dreams I have. Thank you for the inspiration!

  2. keyster94 says:

    I sit on the couch in front of the tv…I would like to be elsewhere in the world writing.


  3. shakespeare says:

    I now write on a laptop, sitting in a reclining wingback chair. Natural light helps, but I’ve been known to write at three in the morning in pitch black, as long as I can see my computer screen.

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